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Product Manager working in the building materials industry. Skilled in Sales, Retail, Consumer Goods, Market Research, and English. Strong product management professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Economics from Fontys Hogeschool Venlo.

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EMEA Product Manager

Aliaxis Nederland B.V., Panningen, The Netherlands – (May 2019 - Current)
Member of the EMEA category management team Building. Responsible for Akatherm HDPE, dBlue and other related product lines. Additional responsibilities include:
  • Marketing stakeholder in EMEA innovation projects
  • New product development (designed thinking)
  • PM role in Quality improvement projects
  • Product life cycle management
  • Voice of customer research and development of business cases

Product Manager

Aliaxis Nederland B.V., Panningen, The Netherlands – (May 2016 - Current)
Within the product management team at Akatherm I’m responsible for the Akatherm drainage product portfolio consisting of Akatherm HDPE and Akatherm dBlue Acoustic soil and waste systems. As product manager I align several business functions (R&D, Operations, Marketing and sales) at our facilities in the Netherlands and Poland.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Technical support on the product ranges for our customer support and international sales
  • Commercial/Technical support during the product (sales) specification process
  • Pricing
  • Marketing documentation in EMEA and APAC as well as local agents and distributors
  • Market research, R&D and product development

Business Development

Navking Navigation, Istanbul, Turkey – (Jan 2013 - Sep 2014)
Business development related tasks in a technological start-up company with founded at Navking Navigation. Several overlapping tasks where carried out for Mountr Charging Solutions and Navking Navigation. At Mountr I have participated in the whole process of product development. Starting from the first 3D sketches to final product delivery and sale at retailers in Turkey and the USA.
Responsibilities included but where not limited to:
  • Sourcing materials for production of Mountr in Turkey, Europe and PRC.
  • Managing logistic process from goods shipped at production locations in PRC to Turkey and the Netherlands
  • Sourcing of telecommunication related sensors, devices and technology for clients in Turkey.
  • Handling of communication between design, product development, financial and management departments in Turkey, Thailand and The Netherlands
  • Meetings with companies interested in Turkish Market entry.

Junior Account Manager

Racktime BV, Alkmaar, The Netherlands – (Dec 2011 - Feb 2013)
During my time at Racktime in my role as Jr. Account Manager I carried out sales activities for several of Racktime’s bigger clients such as Sony, Intel and Vodafone. As a member of the Field force I was active in both the Netherlands and Germany.
Activities included but where not limited to:
  • Account management with selected retailers.
  • Training of retail staff in regards to new product developments.
  • Providing information to end consumers for high new developments in technology related markets.
  • The sale of tech related goods at specific events, fairs and at retail locations.

Fontys Student Board Member

Fontys Hogescholen, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – (Feb 2012 - Jan 2013 )
I was a member of the Fontys Student Board. The Board was set up in order to increase the quality of education at Fontys University by providing the board of directors and various other stakeholders with student opinion and suggestions. This was done with various data collection tools and by organizing meet-and-greet events between members of the board of directors and students at various locations of Fontys.

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πŸ“š Education

International business and Management

Fontys Hogescholen, Venlo, The Netherlands – (2009 - 2015)
Fontys International Business School is an entrepreneurial centre of business expertise and a learning community of students, professors/researchers and companies from various countries. It aims to support young people with their personal development into young business professionals with an open mind and a positive contribution to society and the world's economy. Fontys International Business School offers Bachelor and Master programmes plus a range of other possible trainings and courses.

Minor Trendwatching

Fontys Hogescholen, Tilburg, The Netherlands – (2010 - 2011)
During the Minor Trendwatching at Fontys in Tilburg I've learned to identify Trend early, adjust business plans and objectives accordingly and provide the business with clear and to the point opportunities that will aid in maximising potential profits.